Upstate Apple Users Group

6/23/20 Meeting


Tuesday, June 23—Webex Meeting at 6:30pm

First, a reminder that it's time to pay your dues for the 2020-2021 season.

Join us this Tuesday on Webex for a roundtable discussion about music. There are many ways to enjoy music and even more ways to access it. We'll discuss your preferences and maybe you'll learn about a new opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes. We're also going to give a little overview of for those who may not be familiar with our discussion board.

For the invitation link to the meeting, check your email or log into UAUGTalk. Also, a link to last month's meeting video has been posted in UAUGTalk for those who missed the meeting or wanted a refresher as to how Webex worked.

Trouble logging into UAUGTalk or the meeting? Please email us at the following:

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