2021 Archive

1/26/21 Webex Meeting


Tuesday, January 26 —Webex Meeting at 6:30pm

Almost all of us use the Photos application on their computer or mobile device. Some of us just go in there from time to time to have a look around and retrieve a photo to show someone. Others organize, categorize, tag, share folders, edit their photos and even make slide shows and photo books. We're going to spend some time talking about the ways we use the software, features you might not have known you had and help you with any issues you're experiencing.

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See you then!

2/23/21 Webex Meeting


Tuesday, February 23 —Webex Meeting at 6:30pm

Do you use the Wallet app? If not, do you know what it's for? How about Apple Pay? What's the difference between Apple Pay and the Apple Card? Maybe you need to send money to a friend or relative in a hurry. These days Western Union isn't the most popular choice. If you need to send cash now you'll probably hear names like Zelle, Paypal and Venmo. These various methods of electronic payment have a lot of advantages, but some work a little differently than their counterparts. Some charge fees, whereas others are free (or free in certain circumstances). Join us as we navigate the options available for making payments or sending money over your mobile devices.

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3/23/21 Webex Meeting


Tuesday, March 23 —Webex Meeting at 6:30pm

Home automation - what is it? It can be anything from timers on your outdoor Christmas decorations to living in the "house of the future." It doesn't necessarily mean rewiring your house or spending thousands of dollars. There are simple devices you can purchase inexpensively that could make your life easier. For instance, turning on a lamp that's hard to reach. We'd like to hear what experience you've had, then several of our members who have embraced the technology will share their experiences.

See you then!